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best environmentally friendly outdoor decking material

The Composite material in our outdoor decking products can resist damage from rain, inclement weather, UV rays, and other harsh conditions. Due to the fact that composite is a naturally water resistant material, outdoor composite flooring also provides natural traction in wet areas. Install composite outside flooring to protect a deck or patio from sun damage and to add safety when moisture may be present,and composite decking can be recycled is environmentally friendly outdoor decking,

It also helps to prevent the formation of pesky and unhealthy mold, a common byproduct of excess moisture,Composite flooring is a great way to protect your friends and family from slippery areas with its long-lasting slip resistance.

low maintenance environmentally friendly outdoor decking

environmentally friendly outdoor decking is recyclable like composite decking because it is a mixture of wood and plastic. For its low maintenance and good looks, it’s worth a look, but shop around. Not all composites are equal, You need to do your research.

Compared to traditional wood decking environmentally friendly outdoor decking is considerably more expensive. This cost is for materials. The labor cost tends to be a bit higher due to additional steps that are required during installation. Composite decking requires the joist to be closer together then that of traditional wood. If the composite lumber is not properly supported it tends to bow and warp. Each board must be pre-drilled during the fastening process. These add to the cost of materials and additional labor times.

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