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Wood decks are popular additions to back and side yards. Careful planning of a deck’s design, choose grey composite decking , construction, and maintenance can save time, money and headaches. It’s a good idea to visit home improvement stores or their websites for free resources such as a lumber-buying guide or the online Lowe’s Deck Designer program. Seeking professional design services is another good idea.

grey composite decking, commonly created by combining recycled polyethylene plastic and wood fibers or sawdust, provides a long-lasting, viable alternative to traditional wood decking. With several brands available from many dealers and building supply stores across the nation, it can be difficult to choose which one to build your deck with. As with many design projects, first decide the main color of your deck will be, and work from there, choosing a brand and supplier after the color.

While composite deck materials are known for their durability, tests have shown that the wood and plastic material can rot if not treated properly.

To choose a brand grey composite decking , go to a local hardware store or retailer where employees are trained in product information. Also, many local building departments require deck manufacturers to provide evaluation service reports, detailing materials used in composite decks. Research brands to find the best fit for individual needs, including price and quality.

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